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Diego Mantovani

B. Ing. (Politecnico di Milano, Italie)

Dipl. Ing. (Univ. Techn. Compiègne, France)

D. Sc. (Univ. Techn. Compiègne, France)

Ph. D. (Univ. Laval)


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Principal area
Regenerative medecine
Hôpital Saint-François-d'Assise
10, rue de l'Espinay, E0-178
Québec (Québec)

+1 418-525-4444, poste 52382
+1 418-525-4372

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Recent publications (see all publication from this researcher)

Campelo CS, Chevallier P, Vaz JM, Vieira RS, Mantovani D. Sulfonated chitosan and dopamine based coatings for metallic implants in contact with blood. Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications,  2017. 72: 682-691
Maisani M, Ziane S, Ehret C, Levesque L, Siadous R, Le Meins JF, Chevalier P, Barthelemy P, De Oliveira H, Amedee J, Mantovani D, Chassande O. A new composite hydrogel combining the biological properties of collagen with the mechanical properties of a supramolecular scaffold for bone tissue engineering. Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine,  2017. Epub
Pezzoli D, Giupponi E, Mantovani D, Candiani G. Size matters for in vitro gene delivery: investigating the relationships among complexation protocol, transfection medium, size and sedimentation. Scientific reports,  2017. Epub
Pezzoli D, Cauli E, Chevallier P, Fare S, Mantovani D. Biomimetic coating of cross-linked gelatin to improve mechanical and biological properties of electrospun PET: A promising approach for small caliber vascular graft applications. Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A,  2017. 105: 2405-2415
Sikora-Jasinska M, Mostaed E, Mostaed A, Beanland R, Mantovani D, Vedani M. Fabrication, mechanical properties and in vitro degradation behavior of newly developed ZnAg alloys for degradable implant applications. Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications,  2017. 77: 1170-1181
Montano-Machado V, Noel C, Chevallier P, Turgeon S, Houssiau L, Pauthe E, Pireaux JJ, Mantovani D. Interaction of phosphorylcholine with fibronectin coatings: Surface characterization and biological performances Applied surface science,  2017. 396: 1613-1622
Mostavan A, Paternoster C, Tolouei R, Ghali E, Dube D, Mantovani D. Effect of electrolyte composition and deposition current for Fe/Fe-P electroformed bilayers for biodegradable metallic medical applications. Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications,  2017. 70: 195-206
Bono N, Meghezi S, Soncini M, Piola M, Mantovani D, Fiore GB. A Dual-Mode Bioreactor System for Tissue Engineered Vascular Models. Annals of biomedical engineering,  2017. 45: 1496-1510
Sikora-Jasinska M, Paternoster C, Mostaed E, Tolouei R, Casati R, Vedani M, Mantovani D. Synthesis, mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of powder metallurgy processed Fe/Mg2Si composites for biodegradable implant applications. Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications,  2017. 81: 511-521
Loy C, Pezzoli D, Candiani G, Mantovani D. A Cost-Effective Culture System for the In Vitro Assembly, Maturation, and Stimulation of Advanced Multilayered Multiculture Tubular Tissue Models. Biotechnology journal,  2017. Epub
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