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Jacques Corbeil

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Principal area
Infectious and immune diseases
Centre Hospitalier de l'Université Laval (CHUL)
2705, boulevard Laurier, RC-709
Québec (Québec)

+1 418-525-4444, poste 46423
+1 418-654-2743

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Recent publications (see all publication from this researcher)

Pavey SA, Laporte M, Normandeau E, Gaudin J, Letourneau L, Boisvert S, Corbeil J, Audet C, Bernatchez L. Draft genome of the American eel (ANGUILLA rostrata). Molecular ecology resources,  2016. Epub
Maheux AF, Berube E, Boudreau DK, Raymond F, Corbeil J, Roy PH, Boissinot M, Omar RF. Draft Genome Sequence of Criibacterium bergeronii gen. nov., sp. nov., Strain CCRI-22567T, Isolated from a Vaginal Sample from a Woman with Bacterial Vaginosis. Genome announcements,  2016. 4: 
Drouin A, Giguere S, Deraspe M, Marchand M, Tyers M, Loo VG, Bourgault AM, Laviolette F, Corbeil J. Predictive computational phenotyping and biomarker discovery using reference-free genome comparisons. BMC genomics,  2016. 17: 754
Sanchez N, Chapdelaine P, Rousseau J, Raymond F, Corbeil J, Tremblay JP. Characterization of frataxin gene network in Friedreich's ataxia fibroblasts using the RNA-Seq technique. Mitochondrion,  2016. Epub
Raymond F, Deraspe M, Boissinot M, Bergeron MG, Corbeil J. Partial recovery of microbiomes after antibiotic treatment. Gut microbes,  2016. 7: 428-34
Chaillot J, Cook MA, Corbeil J, Sellam A. Genome-Wide Screen for Haploinsufficient Cell Size Genes in the Opportunistic Yeast Candida albicans. G3 (Bethesda, Md.),  2016. Epub
Raymond F, Ouameur AA, Deraspe M, Iqbal N, Gingras H, Dridi B, Leprohon P, Plante PL, Giroux R, Berube E, Frenette J, Boudreau DK, Simard JL, Chabot I, Domingo MC, Trottier S, Boissinot M, Huletsky A, Roy PH, Ouellette M, Bergeron MG, Corbeil J. The initial state of the human gut microbiome determines its reshaping by antibiotics. The ISME journal,  2016. 10: 707-20
Giguere S, Laviolette F, Marchand M, Tremblay D, Moineau S, Liang X, Biron E, Corbeil J. Machine learning assisted design of highly active peptides for drug discovery. PLoS computational biology,  2015. 11: e1004074
Kos VN, Deraspe M, McLaughlin RE, Whiteaker JD, Roy PH, Alm RA, Corbeil J, Gardner H. The resistome of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in relationship to phenotypic susceptibility. Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy,  2015. 59: 427-36
Foster MW, Gerhardt GC, Robitaille L, PLante PL, Boivin G, Corbeil J, Moseley MA. Targeted Proteomics of Human Metapneumovirus in Clinical Samples and Viral Cultures. Analytical chemistry,  2015. 87: 10247-54
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