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Brockington M, Beale D, Gaupholm J, Naylor A, Kenny TA, Lemire M, Falardeau M, Loring P, Parmley J, Little M

Identifying Barriers and Pathways Linking Fish and Seafood to Food Security in Inuit Nunangat: A Scoping Review

Article de revue

Int J Environ Res Public Health, 20 (3), 2023.

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Naylor A, Kenny TA, Harper S, Beale D, Premji Z, Furgal C, Ford J, Little M

Inuit-defined determinants of food security in academic research focusing on Inuit Nunangat and Alaska: A scoping review protocol

Article de revue

Nutr Health, 29 (2), 2023.

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Aker A, Ayotte P, Furgal C, Kenny TA, Little M, Gauthier MJ, Bouchard A, Lemire M

Sociodemographic patterning of dietary profiles among Inuit youth and adults in Nunavik, Canada: a cross-sectional study

Article de revue

Can J Public Health, 2022.

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Lebel L, Paquin V, Kenny TA, Fletcher C, Nadeau L, Chachamovich E, Lemire M

Climate change and Indigenous mental health in the Circumpolar North: A systematic review to inform clinical practice

Article de revue

Transcult Psychiatry, 59 (3), 2022.

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Batal M, Kenny TA, Johnson-Down L, Ing A, Fediuk K, Sadik T, Chan HM, Willows N

Development of an optimal grocery list based on actual intake from a cross-sectional study of First Nations adults in Ontario, Canada

Article de revue

Appl Physiol Nutr Metab, 47 (4), 2022.

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Charlebois S, Gerhardt A, Taylor S, Kane M, Keselj V, Fitting E, Kevany K, Colombo S, Music J, Fiander D, Kenny TA, Abebe G, Somogyi S, Jackson E, El-Shawa S, Taylor G, Haines J, Corradini M, Uys P, Van Duren E, Smyth S, Lassoued R, Vercammen J, Wiseman K, Barichello R, Margulis M, Lim K, Zhang MS

Canada's Food Price Report 2022



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Kenny TA, Wesche SD, MacLean J

Reflecting on the role of peer researchers in collaborative Indigenous food security research in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, Canada

Chapitre de livre

Peer Research in Health and Social Development, p. 15, London, Routledge, 2021, ISBN: 9780429316920.


Little M, Hagar H, Zivot C, Dodd W, Skinner K, Kenny TA, Caughey A, Gaupholm J, Lemire M

Drivers and health implications of the dietary transition among Inuit in the Canadian Arctic: a scoping review

Article de revue

Public Health Nutr, 24 (9), 2021.

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Kenny TA, Archambault P, Ayotte P, Batal M, Chan HM, Cheung W, Eddy TD, Little M, Ota Y, Pétrin-Desrosier C, Plante S, Poitras J, Polanco F, Singh G, Lemire M

Oceans and human health—navigating changes on Canada’s coasts

Article de revue

Facets (Ott), 5 (1), 2020.

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Kenny TA, Little M, Lemieux T, Griffin PJ, Wesche SD, Ota Y, Batal M, Chan HM, Lemire M

The Retail Food Sector and Indigenous Peoples in High-Income Countries: A Systematic Scoping Review

Article de revue

Int J Environ Res Public Health, 17 (23), 2020.

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