Champagne PA, Bourassa M, Desjardins MP, Cloutier S, Demers C, Singbo NU, Néron H, Pelland-Marcotte MC

Post-procedural bleeding rate and haemostatic treatment use for dental procedures before and after the implementation of a standardized protocol for people with inherited bleeding disorders

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Haemophilia, 2022.

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Dubé E, Merlen C, Bonnefoy A, Gauthier J, Castilloux JF, Charlebois J, Cloutier S, Demers C, Sabapathy CA, St-Louis J, Vézina C, Warner M, Rivard GÉ

Evaluation of anti-factor VIII antibodies in haemophilia A subjects switching products following a provincial tender

Article de revue

Haemophilia, 28 (1), 2022.

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