Since 2015, Dr. Toren has worked as a clinician-scientist in the Department of Surgery at Laval University, where his laboratory focuses on translational prostate cancer research. He completed his medical training at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, urology residency and a clinical uro-oncology fellowship at the University of Toronto. Subsequently, he completed a two-year research fellowship at the Vancouver Prostate Centre, under the mentorship of Dr. Martin Gleave. Concurrently, he enrolled in, and recently completed a doctorate in experimental medicine in Dr. Amina Zoubeidi’s laboratory.

The influence of sex steroids on the tumor environment

Androgens and estrogens are important to prostate cancer progression and treatment resistance. Through the analysis of various sex steroids such as testosterone and estrogens, we seek to better understand the hormonal changes which occur following treatment in prostate cancer patients. Further, we seek to understand how differences in these levels between patients may be used to classify them for optimal treatments and understand resistance patterns. We use laboratory models to understand the effect of sex steroids on the local immune environment and production of cytokines regulating the survival and growth of prostate cancer.

Extracellular vesicles as biomarkers

Extracellular vesicles, such as exosomes, are tiny parts of cells which may be detected in many biological fluids, including urine and blood. Using samples from prostate cancer patients, we seek to optimize isolation, enumeration, and characterization techniques. Versatile and containing a significant amount of information pertinent to cancer type and function, these tiny particles may eventually be used to monitor information about responsiveness to treatments through a simple blood test.

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Toren P, Ladak S, Ma C, McCluskey S, Fleshner N

Comparison of epidural and intravenous patient controlled analgesia in patients undergoing radical cystectomy

Journal Article

Can J Urol, 16 (4), 2009.

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Toren P, Alibhai SM, Matthew A, Nesbitt M, Kalnin R, Fleshner N, Trachtenberg J

The effect of nerve-sparing surgery on patient-reported continence post-radical prostatectomy

Journal Article

Can Urol Assoc J, 3 (6), 2009.

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Toren PJ, Norman RW

Is 24-hour urinary calcium a surrogate marker for dietary calcium intake?

Journal Article

Urology, 65 (3), 2005.

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Toren P, Wobeser W

The patient presenting with genitourinary AIDS

Book Chapter

Supportive Care for the Urology Patient, Oxfort University Press, 2005, ISBN: 9780198529415.

Toren PJ, Norman RW

Cyclophosphamide induced hemorrhagic cystitis successfully treated with pentosanpolysulphate

Journal Article

J Urol, 173 (1), 2005.

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Active projects

  • Exploiter les interactions endocriniennes-immunes pour améliorer le traitement des cancers urologiques, from 2022-07-01 to 2024-06-30
  • Repurposing bicalutamide to improve the response to immune checkpoint inhibition for treatment of advanced urothelial carcinoma, from 2022-08-01 to 2026-07-31
  • Targeting sex steroids to improve the response to bladder cancer immunotherapy, from 2021-10-01 to 2026-09-30

Recently finished projects

  • A study of macrophages as predictors of prostate cancer radiotherapy response , from 2022-01-26 to 2023-01-25
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