Dr. Martin Simard, Ph.D., holds a Research Chair of the Fonds de Recherche-Santé du Québec and is professor in the Department of molecular biology, medical biochemistry, and pathology of the Laval University School of Medicine.

His research group aims to better understand how small non-coding RNAs can so efficiently control gene expression, in animals. Those molecules able to precisely control the protein production (the genes) in cells, have promptly being proposed to be implicated in different pathologies such as different types of cancers and recent scientific studies have proven their roles. The contribution of theses tiny molecules to our understanding of the cell, as well as their great potential in the detection and treatment of different diseases, makes this field of research among the most active in medical biology. His work focuses on the identification of cellular molecules that participate in the biological role of small non-coding RNAs, on understanding their roles and defining their implication in the development of different pathologies, such as cancers. At term, our studies will contribute to gather new insights about how theses tiny molecules contribute to cell function, and to develop new therapeutic strategies using the small non-coding RNAs.

L'Hôtel-Dieu de Québec
9, rue McMahon
Québec, Québec
Canada G1R 2J6
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Nottrott S, Simard MJ, Richter JD

Human let-7a miRNA blocks protein production on actively translating polyribosomes

Journal Article

Nat Struct Mol Biol, 13 (12), 2006.

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Jannot G, Simard MJ

Tumour-related microRNAs functions in Caenorhabditis elegans

Journal Article

Oncogene, 25 (46), 2006.

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Yigit E, Batista PJ, Bei Y, Pang KM, Chen CC, Tolia NH, Joshua-Tor L, Mitani S, Simard MJ, Mello CC

Analysis of the C. elegans Argonaute family reveals that distinct Argonautes act sequentially during RNAi

Journal Article

Cell, 127 (4), 2006.

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Chen CC, Simard MJ, Tabara H, Brownell DR, McCollough JA, Mello CC

A member of the polymerase beta nucleotidyltransferase superfamily is required for RNA interference in C. elegans

Journal Article

Curr Biol, 15 (4), 2005.

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Active projects

  • Deciphering cellular modulators of the microRNA pathway, from 2023-03-01 to 2024-02-29
  • Genetic and molecular analysis of the siRNA-mediated gene regulation, from 2019-04-01 to 2024-03-31
  • Understanding the regulation and implication of Argonaute in microRNA-mediated gene silencing., from 2020-10-01 to 2025-09-30

Recently finished projects

  • Acquisition d'un appareil PCR pour analyses d'échantillons biologiques , from 2021-07-16 to 2022-07-15
  • Canadian Developmental Biology Conference 2023, from 2021-04-01 to 2023-03-31
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