Dr. Éric Vigneault is a radiation oncologist-clinician in the Department of Radiation Oncology at CHUQ, and a researcher in the oncology axis of the CHU Research Centre of Laval University-Quebec, affiliated with the Centre for Cancer Research at Laval University.

He is also Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine at Laval University. Dr. Vigneault has been actively involved in the development of the first Iodine-125 prostate brachytherapy program in Canada, and is the pioneer of high dose-rate, non-permanent brachytherapy in Canada. He is the principal investigator of randomized phase II CCTG studies, comparing HDR brachytherapy with conventional radiotherapy in the treatment of intermediate-risk prostatic cancers (PR15), and comparing HDR brachytherapy with LDR monotherapy (PR19).

Dr. Vigneault is deeply involved at the national level, including as the former President of the Canadian Association of Radiation Oncologists, as a member of the Steering Committee of the Canadian Urologic Oncology Group (CUOG), as well as internationally as the Associate Editor of the Brachytherapy journal.

Since 2015, he holds the Research Chair in Image-guided Brachytherapy, whose mission is to integrate technological advances in the field of imaging, computer science, dosimetry optimization, radioactive source implantation systems, as well as clinical expertise to improve brachytherapy treatments for solid tumors, thereby promoting a better therapeutic ratio – i.e., an increase in tumor control and a decrease in toxicity. This research Chair is part of Laval University’s Program for the Advancement of Innovation, Research and Teaching, which aims to create a research environment that stimulates innovation, inventiveness and creativity among research professors.

The objectives of the Chair are:

  1. Improve the integration of real-time imaging, implantation and dosimetry systems to improve the quality and accuracy of radioactive material implantation in cancers.
  2. Develop protocols for treating tumor sites by brachytherapy.
  3. Promote clinical research to evaluate and compare tumor controls, toxicities, and quality of life assessment with conventional treatment, including dissemination of results and knowledge transfer;
  4. Promote the education and training of graduate students and fellows in the field of brachytherapy;
  5. Develop clinical databases of tissue banks collected to support translational research.
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Aubry JF, Beaulieu L, Girouard LM, Aubin S, Tremblay D, Laverdiere J, Vigneault E

Measurements of intrafraction motion and interfraction and intrafraction rotation of prostate by three-dimensional analysis of daily portal imaging with radiopaque markers

Journal Article

Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 60 (1), 2004.

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Leclerc G, Lavallée MC, Tubic D, Métivier J, Vigneault E, Beaulieu L

Idealized line source configuration for permanent 125I prostate implants

Journal Article

Radiother Oncol, 72 (2), 2004.

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Active projects

  • Chaire de recherche sur la curiethérapie guidée par imagerie (phase 2), from 2022-11-01 to 2029-10-31
  • Phase 2 randomized pilot study on the impacts of diet, cellular nutrition and physical activity on hormone therapy toxicity., from 2023-08-31 to 2024-08-30
  • The association of circulating tumor DNA with tumor control and toxicity in prostate cancer patients treated with EBRT and HDR brachytherapy boost , from 2024-02-06 to 2025-02-05
  • The impact of Monte Carlo dose calculations on prostate and breast low-dose rate brachytherapy dose-outcome relationships and radiobiological modeling, from 2020-10-01 to 2025-09-30
  • The Phase III ‘High Five Trial’ Five Fraction Radiation For High-Risk Prostate Cancer, from 2024-02-22 to 2025-02-21

Recently finished projects

  • Chaire de recherche sur la curiethérapie guidée par imagerie, from 2015-05-01 to 2023-03-31
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