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  • Visioconference : Teams: ID de réunion : 238 991 426 858 Code secret : NcGm2a
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  • Speaker : Melissa Rayner
  • From : UCL School of Pharmacy, London
  • Research Axis : Médecine régénératrice

L’association des étudiant(e)s gradué(e)s de l’Axe Médecine Régénératrice vous invite à notre prochaine conférence :

🎤 Présentée par : Dre Melissa Rayner
🗓 Date : vendredi 21 juin 2024 à 11h
📍 Lieu : CMDGT/LOEX Local R-138, aile R, Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus

‘’Multidisciplinary approach in developing therapies to treat nerve damage’’

Dr Rayner’s research involves taking a multi-disciplinary approach to develop therapies to promote nerve regeneration following injury or disease. Her work pioneered a new programme of research in the development of small molecule therapeutics for peripheral nerve injury and a patented drug embedded biomaterial for sustained local drug delivery. The lab’s pre-clinical studies have identified peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma (PPARγ) as an ideal target for therapeutics that have a beneficial effect on regeneration and functional recovery. Using sophisticated 3D co-cultures and in vivo injury models Dr Rayner’s lab have identified a panel of PPARγ agonists and are currently exploring their molecular and cellular mechanisms. Within the lab they are also optimising biomaterial formulations to improve the sustained release of multiple small molecules and working with clinicians to ensure that the biomaterials have suitable properties for use in the clinic. Furthermore, another focus of the lab is the development of engineered models to study regenerative therapies on other aspects of nerve damage such as myelination, cell phenotypes, neural cell interactions and growth factor release.

Cette conférence est aussi accessible sur Teams :
ID de réunion : 238 991 426 858
Code secret : NcGm2a

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