Axe MedReg: Conférence Prof. Marie-Charlotte Brüggen

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  • Lieu: Amphithéâtre Fisher-Scientifique T-054 (CHUL)
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  • Invité par : Germain, Lucie
  • Conférencier : Prof. Marie-Charlotte Brüggen
  • Provenance : Department of Dermatology University Hospital Zurich
  • Axe(s) de recherche : Médecine régénératrice

Changement dernière minute:

En raison d’un incident de dernière minute, la conférencière invitée, la professeure Marie-Charlotte Brüggen, ne pourra pas être à Québec. Elle donnera sa conférence par visioconférence.

La conférence sera diffusée à l’amphithéâtre Fisher.
ID de réunion : 696 8470 6945
Code secret : 653265

« Subcutaneous adipose tissue: from homeostasis to inflammation »


arie-Charlotte_BrueSubcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) is the deepest component of the three-layered cutaneous integument. While mesenteric adipose tissue-based immune processes have gained recognition in the context of the metabolic syndrome, SAT has been traditionally considered primarily for energy storage. In contrast, little is known about its immune functions. Our approach to address this was to first characterize the SAT immune system under homeostatic conditions. We found SAT to harbor a reservoir of immune cells that considerably differs from the epidermal and dermal compartments in homeostatic conditions. Next, we moved to the clinical manifestation of SAT inflammation, which is panniculitis. This usually presents with painful nodules on the lower legs. In order to gain new insights into the mechanisms of SAT inflammation, we have investigated various types of panniculitis. We thereby could detect new and different paths of SAT immune activation. A better understanding of SAT immune processes is important on different levels: they may impact wound healing, cutaneous and systemic infections, inflammatory skin diseases, and even neoplastic conditions.

Prof. Marie-Charlotte Brüggen is a clinician scientist currently serving as head of the Allergy Unit at the University Hospital Zurich. She achieved her MD degree in 2011 and subsequently earned a PhD in Immunology with distinction in 2015 at the Medical University Vienna. Prof. Brüggen is double board-certified in Dermatology/Venereology and Allergology/ Immunology and did her clinical trainings at the University Hospitals in Vienna and Zurich. Her clinical expertise is complemented by significant contributions to allergy and immunodermatology research. She has worked as an Assistant professor between the University Hospital Zurich and the Swiss Institute of Allergy Research in Davos and has established her translational research team. Her group investigates the interface between Dermatology and Allergology. With her team, she has worked on exploring the role of subcutaneous adipose tissue in the context of dermatological conditions. Her contributions to the field have been acknowledged through multiple grants and awards.

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