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Jacques F, Côté JM, Philippon F

Pacing therapy in children with isolated complete atrioventricular block: a retrospective study of pacing system survival and pacing-related complications in a national cohort.

Article de revue

Europace, 22 (2), 2020.

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Massardier C, Perron J, Chetaille P, Cote JM, Drolet C, Houde C, Vaujois L, Naccache L, Michon B, Jacques F

Right atrial catheter "ghost" removal by cardiac surgery: A pediatric case series report.

Article de revue

Pediatr Blood Cancer, 67 (6), 2020.

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Massardier C, Desroches F, Singbo N, Cote JM, Drolet C, Houde C, Vaujois L, Chetaille P

First-Degree Relatives Screening of Patients with Bicuspid Aortic Valve: Effectiveness and Feasibility in Pediatric Cardiology Daily Practice.

Article de revue

Pediatr Cardiol, 41 (8), 2020.

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