Prices are indicative and could be subject to change. This price list was updated in April 2019.

LC-MS/MS analysis

Prices include protein analysis by mass spectrometry coupled to liquid chromatography (LC-MS/MS), basic data processing (bioinformatics), and the generation of a meaningful result report using the Scaffold software. Scaffold reports can be consulted using the free Scaffold viewer from Proteome Software inc. Prices do not include tryptic digestion (see table below for prices of tryptic digestion in gel, in solution, or on beads).

of samples
CHU de QuébecQuebec/CanadaInternationalQuebec/CanadaInternational
60 min. analysis (standard)1 to 10$140$160$180$175$255
11 to 24$130$150$170$160$230
25 to 99$120$135$150$150$210
100 or more$100$115$130$125$200
90 min. analysis1 to 10$180$205$230$225$290
11 to 24$170$195$220$215$275
25 to 99$160$185$205$205$255
100 or more$130$160$180$175$250
120 min. analysis1 to 10$220$255$285$280$400
11 to 24$210$240$270$265$380
25 to 99$200$230$260$255$365
100 or more$165$190$230$225$350
240 min. analysis1 to 10$370$425$475$470$600
11 to 24$350$400$450$440$570
25 to 99$335$385$430$425$545
100 or more$275$315#370$380$535
300 min. analysis1 to 10$470$540$605$595$765
11 to 24$445$510$570$560$720
25 to 99$425$485$545$535$690
100 or more$350$405$470$480$670
* 30% indirect costs will be added to these prices.

Phosphopeptides enrichment

Contact-us for a quote.


CHU de QuebecQuebec/CanadaInternationalQuebec/CanadaInternational
Digestion (solution, gel, bead) (group of 5)$80$85$95$95$110
Protein assay (group of 5)$80$85$95$95$110
Protein extraction (group of 5)$80$85$95$95$110
Fractionation (HPLC high pH or IEF)$245$275$295$305$370
SDS-PAGE gel$245$275$295$305$370
iTRAQ 4-plex labelling (include fractionation)$950$1060$1150$1185$1440
iTRAQ 8-plex labelling (include fractionation)$1500$1650$1700$1175$2115
TMT 10-plex labelling (include fractionation)$2000$2100$2200$2370$2750
Quantitative analysis$220$225$235$255$280
Analysis or preparation (hourly rate)$80$85$95$95$110
Bioinformatics (hourly rate) $80$85$95$95$110
* 30% indirect costs will be added to these prices.