Our platform is equipped with various state-of-the-art technologies to meet with the proteomic needs of most life scientists. Whether your objective is to achieve a high sensitivity or a high precision in your proteomic experiment, we have a personalized, cutting-edge solution for you.

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Synapt G2-SI (Waters)

The Synapt G2-SI from Waters is a hybrid mass spectrometer composed of a quadrupole, an orthogonal accelaration system for IMS (ion mobility spectrometry) and oa-TOF analyser.

The high resolution of this instrument and its ability to use an additional dimension for ion separation make it extremely well adapted for MALDI imaging.

Orbitrap Fusion (Thermo Fisher)

The Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid is a mass spectrometer composed of three types of analyzers: a quadrupole (for an efficient isolation of ions), a linear trap (for a fast detection of fragmentation spectra), and an orbitrap (for a very accurate mass measurement due to its very high resolution up to 450K).

In addition to the classical CID fragmentation, this mass spectrometer is able to perform other types of peptide fragmentation through its HCD collision cell (very useful for iTRAQ or TMT quantification) and its ETD source which is more efficient for post-translational modifications identification like phosphorylation, glycosylation, etc.

This instrument is online with a nanoRSLC Dionex system (ultra high pressure liquid chromatography up to 800 bars) which make it very powerful for the analysis of very complex protein mixtures (identification of several thousands of proteins in one run). Its sensitivity and its versatility make it the instrument of choice for challenging samples (search for PTMs, high complexity,…)

TripleTOF 5600 plus (SCIEX)

The TripleTOF 5600 plus is a hybrid quadrupole time-of-flight (QqTOF). Our TripleTOF+ is coupled to a capillary HPLC for peptide separation via a nanospray ionization source. This system provides a resolution of more than 30,000 FWHM, has a precision < 2ppm, and has a very high acquisition rate of 100 MS/MS spectra acquisitions per second.

The TripleTOF is a mass spectrometer that combines high resolution and high sequencing speed in one analyzer (the TOF). This spectrometer is mainly used for analysis of compounds of low complexity (proteins extracted from gel bands or obtained from immunoprecipitation). This spectrometer can also be used for SWATH™, a technique which allows the quantification of numerous selected proteins in a single injection.


The QTRAP 6500 is a quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer coupled to an Eksigent capillary peptide separation chip HPLC system and a nanospray source.

This LC/MS/MS system is ultra-sensitive for protein or peptide biomarker quantification. It is used for MRM/SRM (Multiple/Single Reaction Monitoring) assays, or ‘scheduled MRM’. With these techniques, after an optimisation of the conditions specific to the targeted proteins, many targeted proteins can be quantified in a single injection. These techniques also allow for the comparison of targeted protein expression levels accross multiple samples.


This equipment is available on demand only.

The 4800 MALDI TOF-TOF mass spectrometer uses TOF (Time-Of-Flight) technology to sequence and quantify peptides. It combines high mass precision, sensitivity and analytical throughput. It is mainly used for confirming the identity and mass of peptides in purified samples.

MassPrep (Perkin Elmer)

The MassPrep is a multi-functional robot capable of performing simultaneous digestion of up to 192 bands from acrylamide gel. This robotic station executes all the liquid-handling steps necessary for the processing of the gel bands prior to mass spectrometer analysis (protein reduction, alkylation, digestion with trypsin, etc). It is located inside a laminar flow hood to minimize contamination risks (keratin, dust).

ProXPress Proteomic Imaging System (Perkin Elmer)

The ProXPress Proteomic Imaging System use a CCD camera to capture high-quality images of electrophoresis gels in one or two dimensions in the UV spectrum or in the visible spectrum.