Jocelyne Moisan is a full professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Laval University. She carries out her research activities in the Population Health and Optimal Health Practices Axis of the CHU Research Center of Québec-Université Laval. She uses methods of epidemiology, biostatistics, and pharmacoepidemiology to carry out her studies which focus on the description of the use of treatments in various populations, the factors associated with this use, the quality of this use, and the interventions aimed at improving it.

Study of the reasons for non-adherence to treatment

It is well known that many people do not take their medications as prescribed. Who has never skipped a dose or stopped treatment earlier than was recommended? Unfortunately, a treatment, whether it is a medicine, a diet or something else, is only effective if followed. It is important to know the reasons why some people do not adhere to their treatment, and why others adhere to it.

Identify ways to improve adherence to treatment

Once the factors that promote adherence and the barriers to the proper use of treatments have been identified, it is necessary to design appropriate interventions, implement them, and assess their impact.

Hôpital Saint-Sacrement
1050, chemin Sainte-Foy
Québec, Québec
Canada G1S 4L8

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Brisson C, Guimont C, Vézina M, Dagenais GR, Milot A, Moisan J, Mâsse B, Vinet A, Laflamme N

Exposition prolongée aux contraintes psychosociales du travail et tension artérielle: une étude prospective chez 7000 cols blanc

Journal Article

Arch Mal Prof, 65 , pp. 239-240, 2004, ISSN: 0003-9691.

Moisan J, Gregoire JP, Garneau M, Labrecque M, Fradet Y

[International Prostate Symptom Scale. Evaluation of the usefulness of a French version].

Journal Article

Can Fam Physician, 46 , pp. 1772-6, 2000, ISSN: 0008-350X.

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Kroger E, Moisan J, Gregoire JP

Billing for cognitive services: understanding Quebec pharmacists' behavior.

Journal Article

Ann Pharmacother, 34 (3), pp. 309-16, 2000, ISSN: 1060-0280.

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Brisson C, Larocque B, Moisan J, Vézina M, Dagenais GR

Psychosocial factors at work, smoking, sedentary behavior, and body mass index: a prevalence study among 6995 white collar workers.

Journal Article

J Occup Environ Med, 42 (1), pp. 40-6, 2000, ISSN: 1076-2752.

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Brisson C, Laflamme N, Moisan J, Milot A, Mâsse B, Vézina M

Effect of family responsibilities and job strain on ambulatory blood pressure among white-collar women.

Journal Article

Psychosom Med, 61 (2), pp. 205-13, 1999, ISSN: 0033-3174.

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Laflamme N, Brisson C, Moisan J, Milot A, Masse B, Vezina M

Job strain and ambulatory blood pressure among female white-collar workers.

Journal Article

Scand J Work Environ Health, 24 (5), pp. 334-43, 1998, ISSN: 0355-3140.

Abstract | Links:

Bourbonnais R, Brisson C, Moisan J, Vezina M

Job strain and psychological distress in white-collar workers.

Journal Article

Scand J Work Environ Health, 22 (2), pp. 139-45, 1996, ISSN: 0355-3140.

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