Geneviève Roch is a nurse and associate professor at the Laval University Nursing School. In addition to being a regular researcher in the area of population health and optimal health practices at the CHU de Québec–Laval University, she is attached to the Centre de recherche sur les soins et les services de première ligne de l’Université Laval (CERSSPL-UL) and to the research centre of the CISSS Chaudière-Appalaches. She is co-leader of the Quebec Network on Nursing Intervention Research (RRISIQ) platform. Her work focuses on the optimization of health practices and services, through integrated mobilization and knowledge translation strategies in order to support the best clinical and administrative decisions. She uses mixed methods in most of her research projects. Her expertise is on the intersection of health services organization and knowledge translation, mainly in the areas of perinatality and the service continuum between health establishments and service network partners. The quality and relevance of her work were recently recognized with the award of “Tribute to Social Innovation” prize (2015) and the 2014-2016 Award for Excellence in Research from the Laval University Nursing School. 

Online and group perinatal education: Towards the optimization of services

Research program on the organization and impact of online prenatal education with users and healthcare professionals. She is currently conducting a project funded by the CIHR (2016) under the Partnerships for Health System Improvement (PHSI) program to evaluate the impacts of online and group prenatal education on health determinants and users’ health status, as well as on networks of perinatal educational services with community-based partners.

Relevailles: a social innovation at the core of research projects and knowledge translation

Geneviève Roch was in charge of the development and implementation of a research program on perinatal services that encompasses two collaborative research projects with knowledge translation strategies and one knowledge utilization/diffusion project. The first study, carried out with a network of perinatal resource centres, focused on perinatal vulnerability and evaluation of a postnatal home support service called “Relevailles”. The second study, which was conducted in partnership with several policy and decision makers, ranked 1st in the CIHR competition on interventional research. Its aim was to evaluate the Relevailles services offered by family community organizations and to examine the nature of their collaborations with healthcare facilities. A third project, funded by the Ministry of Education, supported the dissemination of results to consolidate the expertise gained through different knowledge translation strategies, including a website intended for the public. The findings so far have informed various guidelines on intersectoral collaborations and perinatal services.

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Université Laval, Québec
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Roch G, Borges Da Silva R, de Montigny F, Witteman HO, Pierce T, Semenic S, Poissant J, Parent AA, White D, Chaillet N, Dubois CA, Ouimet M, Lapointe G, Turcotte S, Prud'homme A, Painchaud Guerard G, Gagnon MP

Impacts of online and group perinatal education: a mixed methods study protocol for the optimization of perinatal health services.

Journal Article

BMC Health Serv Res, 18 (1), pp. 382, 2018.

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Gagnon MP, Attieh R, Dunn S, Grandes G, Bully P, Estabrooks CA, Legare F, Roch G, Ouimet M

Development and Content Validation of a Transcultural Instrument to Assess Organizational Readiness for Knowledge Translation in Healthcare Organizations: The OR4KT.

Journal Article

Int J Health Policy Manag, 7 (9), pp. 791-797, 2018, ISSN: 2322-5939.

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Regragui S, Leclerc AM, Roch G

Défis pratiques et méthodologiques de trois expériences doctorales avec devis mixte (Chapitre 5)

Book Chapter

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Approaches to considering sex and gender in continuous professional development for health and social care professionals: An emerging paradigm.

Journal Article

Med Teach, 40 (9), pp. 875-879, 2018, ISSN: 0142-159X.

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Haesebaert J, Samson I, Lee-Gosselin H, Guay-Belanger S, Proteau JF, Drouin G, Guimont C, Vigneault L, Poirier A, Sanon PN, Roch G, Poitras ME, LeBlanc A, Legare F

How to engage patients in research and quality improvement in community-based primary care settings: protocol for a participatory action research pilot study.

Journal Article

Res Involv Engagem, 4 , pp. 30, 2018, ISSN: 2056-7529.

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Active projects

  • Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec - CHU de Québec-Université Laval, Subvention, Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec - Université Laval, Centres de recherche affiliés, from 2017-01-01 to 2099-12-31
  • Design for Better Health: User-Centred Design and Evaluation of Interactive Media for Health Education, Communication and Decision-Making, Subvention, Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada, Subventions Fondation, from 2016-07-01 to 2021-06-30
  • Groupe de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la paternité, la famille et la société, Subvention, Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et culture, Soutien aux équipes de recherche, from 2017-04-01 to 2021-03-31
  • Impacts des cours prénataux de groupe et en ligne : vers une optimisation des services, Subvention, Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada, Partenariats pour l'amélioration du système de santé (PASS), from 2016-04-01 to 2019-05-31
  • mATrICES-F: ApplicaTIons des Connaissances axée sur le gEnre et le Sexe des personnes en contexte Francophone, Subvention, Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada, Programme de subvention d'équipe, from 2017-04-01 to 2020-03-31
  • Performance et équité dans le continuum de santé, soins et services périnataux, Partenariat, Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada, Bourse de recherche : Bourses d’apprentissage en matière d’impact sur le système de santé, from 2017-09-01 to 2019-08-31

Recently finished projects

  • Application et développement des expertises en périnatalité, Subvention, Ministère des Relations internationales, de la Francophonie, Commission mixte permanente Québec-Flandre, from 2016-04-01 to 2018-03-31
  • ÉQUIpes Patients, Proches aidants, Soignants (ÉQUIPPS) en Groupes de Médecine Familiale (GMF) : ÉQUIPPS-GMF, Subvention, Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada, Autre : Recherche axée sur le patient : Subventions de collaboration, from 2017-03-01 to 2018-03-31
  • Mieux comprendre les réseaux de cancérologie pour les mettre en œuvre plus efficacement, Subvention, Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé, Évaluation de l'implantation du Réseau de cancérologie du Québec (RCQ), from 2014-03-01 to 2017-02-28
  • Quebec intiative for the implementation of NICU Best-practices, Subvention, Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé, Réseaux thématiques de recherche, from 2015-04-01 to 2017-03-31
  • Revue systématique rapide sur les effets de l'information et des cours prénataux en ligne, Subvention, Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé, Réseaux thématiques de recherche, from 2015-04-09 to 2017-03-31
  • Vers l'autonomisation de la profession: Les ordonnances collectives, Subvention, Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé, Réseaux thématiques de recherche, from 2015-04-01 to 2017-03-31
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