Dr. Bruno Gagnon is a physician specialized in palliative care and an associate professor at the Department of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine at the Laval University School of Medicine, and a clinician at the palliative care unit at Hôtel-Dieu de Québec. Also, he is a researcher with the Réseau Québécois de recherche en Soins PALliatifs et de fin de vie (RQSPAL) and the Équipe de Recherche Michel-Sarrazin en Oncologie psychosociale et Soins palliatifs (ERMOS).

His researches focus on healthcare, delirium, and cognitive loss in patients with advanced cancer, classification of pain related to cancer, the role of methadone and other NMDA receptor antagonist in the treatment of neuropathic pain, end of life care, administrative data, anorexia-cachexia, and clinical trials in palliative care.

L'Hôtel-Dieu de Québec
6, rue McMahon
Québec, Québec
Canada G1R 2J6
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Rodriguez AM, Mayo NE, Gagnon B

Independent contributors to overall quality of life in people with advanced cancer.

Journal Article

Br J Cancer, 108 (9), pp. 1790-800, 2013, ISSN: 0007-0920.

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Gagnon B, Murphy J, Jelowicki M, Morris DV

The effect of severe androgen deficiency on physical function in male patients with cancer.

Journal Article

J Pain Symptom Manage, 45 (5), pp. 892-900, 2013, ISSN: 0885-3924.

Abstract | Links:

Eades M, Murphy J, Carney S, Amdouni S, Lemoignan J, Jelowicki M, Nadler M, Chasen M, Gagnon B

Effect of an interdisciplinary rehabilitation program on quality of life in patients with head and neck cancer: review of clinical experience.

Journal Article

Head Neck, 35 (3), pp. 343-9, 2013, ISSN: 1043-3074.

Abstract | Links:

Gagnon P, Allard P, Gagnon B, Merette C, Tardif F

Delirium prevention in terminal cancer: assessment of a multicomponent intervention.

Journal Article

Psychooncology, 21 (2), pp. 187-94, 2012, ISSN: 1057-9249.

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Bush SH, Gagnon B, Lawlor PG


Book Chapter

D, Oneschuk; N, Hagen; N, MacDonald (Ed.): Palliative medicine : a case-based manual, pp. 338-350, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2012, ISBN: 9780199694143 / 9780191739255 (ebook) / 0191739251 (ebook).

Al Hinai Q, Mok K, Zeitouni A, Gagnon B, Ajlan AR, Rivera J, Tewfik M, Sirhan D

Comparison between manual and semiautomated volumetric measurements of pituitary adenomas.

Journal Article

Skull Base, 21 (6), pp. 365-72, 2011, ISSN: 1531-5010.

Abstract | Links:

Hagen NA, Lapointe B, Ong-Lam M, Dubuc B, Walde D, Gagnon B, Love R, Goel R, Hawley P, Ngoc AH, du Souich P

A multicentre open-label safety and efficacy study of tetrodotoxin for cancer pain.

Journal Article

Curr Oncol, 18 (3), pp. e109-16, 2011, ISSN: 1198-0052.

Abstract | Links:

Galanakis C, Mayo NE, Gagnon B

Assessing the role of hydration in delirium at the end of life.

Journal Article

Curr Opin Support Palliat Care, 5 (2), pp. 169-73, 2011, ISSN: 1751-4258.

Abstract | Links:

Azoulay L, Dell'Aniello S, Gagnon B, Pollak M, Suissa S

Metformin and the incidence of prostate cancer in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Journal Article

Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev, 20 (2), pp. 337-44, 2011, ISSN: 1055-9965.

Abstract | Links:

Iordache I, Gagnon B, Low NC

Atypical migraine manifesting as mania.

Journal Article

J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci, 23 (2), pp. E18, 2011, ISSN: 0895-0172.

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Active projects

  • Age-related patterns in the experience of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, Subvention, Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada, Subvention Projet, from 2019-10-01 to 2024-09-30
  • Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec - Université Laval, Subvention, Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec - Université Laval, Centres de recherche affiliés, from 2017-01-01 to 2099-12-31
  • Centre de recherche sur le cancer, Subvention, Institutionnel - BDR, BDR - Centres de recherche reconnus, from 1996-05-01 to 2022-06-13
  • Interdisciplinary team in Early Functional Optimization (InTEFO): introducing a new optimization clinic to improve accessibility and efficiency of quality palliative care in advanced cancer patients., Subvention, L'Institut de recherche de la Société canadienne du cancer, Subventions de recherche sur l’amélioration de la qualité de vie, from 2014-02-01 to 2021-01-31
  • VITAM – Centre de recherche en santé durable, Subvention, CIUSSS - CN - VITAM, Centres de recherche affiliés, from 2017-01-01 to 2099-12-31

Recently finished projects

  • Description des besoins des patients atteints de cancer avancé au tout début de la trajectoire de soins et identification des facteurs de risque d'une diminution de la qualité de vie et du statut fonctionnel, Subvention, Université Laval - Soutien à la recherche, from 2018-08-01 to 2019-07-31
  • Managing cancer pain during the opioid crisis: A multidisciplinary, cross-Canada knowledge dissemination and research planning initiative, Subvention, Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada, Subventions de planification et dissémination – Programme d’appui communautaire des instituts, from 2019-05-01 to 2020-04-30
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