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Tuesday 26 Sep

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Lucie Germain

B.Sc. (Physique)


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Principal area
Regenerative medecine
Hôpital de l'Enfant-Jésus
1401, 18e Rue, Local: R-109, LOEX/ CMDGT
Québec (Québec)

+1 418-990-8255, poste 61696
+1 418-990-8237

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Recent publications (see all publication from this researcher)

Beaudoin Cloutier C, Goyer B, Perron C, Guignard R, Larouche D, Moulin VJ, Germain L, Gauvin R, Auger FA. In Vivo Evaluation and Imaging of a Bilayered Self-Assembled Skin Substitute Using a Decellularized Dermal Matrix Grafted on Mice. Tissue engineering. Part A,  2017. 23: 313-322
Simard-Bisson C, Bidoggia J, Larouche D, Guerin SL, Blouin R, Hirai SI, Germain L. A Role for DLK in Microtubule Reorganization to the Cell Periphery and in the Maintenance of Desmosomal and Tight Junction Integrity. The Journal of investigative dermatology,  2017. 137: 132-141
Mao J, Wang Y, Philippe E, Cianciulli T, Vesely I, How D, Bourget JM, Germain L, Zhang Z, Guidoin R. Microstructural alterations owing to handling of bovine pericardium to manufacture bioprosthetic heart valves: A potential risk for cusp dehiscence. Morphologie : bulletin de l'Association des anatomistes,  2017. 101: 77-87
Bourget JM, Zegdi R, Lin J, Wawryko P, Merhi Y, Convelbo C, Mao J, Fu Y, Xu T, Merkel NO, Wang L, Germain L, Zhang Z, Guidoin R. Correlation between structural changes and acute thrombogenicity in transcatheter pericardium valves after crimping and balloon deployment. Morphologie : bulletin de l'Association des anatomistes,  2017. 101: 19-32
Picard-Deland M, Ruel J, Galbraith T, Tremblay C, Kawecki F, Germain L, Auger FA. Tissue-Engineered Tubular Heart Valves Combining a Novel Precontraction Phase with the Self-Assembly Method. Annals of biomedical engineering,  2017. 45: 427-438
Fu Y, Li B, Bourget JM, Bondarenko O, Lin J, Guzman R, Paynter R, Desaulniers D, Qin B, Wang L, Germain L, Zhang Z, Guidoin R. The Triplex BioValsalva Prostheses To Reconstruct the Aortic Valve and the Aortic Root. Journal of long-term effects of medical implants,  2016. 26: 49-78
Guidoin R, Fu Y, Li B, Weerasena N, Bourget JM, Paynter R, Li X, Lin J, Wang L, Qin B, Guzman R, Desaulniers D, Dionne G, Germain L, Zhang Z. The ROVT Elan Valved Biplex Conduits for the Reconstruction of the Right Ventricular Outflow Tract. Journal of long-term effects of medical implants,  2016. 26: 13-42
Weinborn M, Barbaud A, Truchetet F, Beurey P, Germain L, Cribier B. Histopathological study of six types of adverse cutaneous drug reactions using granulysin expression. International journal of dermatology,  2016. 55: 1225-1233
Kim DH, Hyun DJ, Piquette R, Beaumont C, Germain L, Larouche D. 27.12 MHz Radiofrequency Ablation for Benign Cutaneous Lesions. BioMed research international,  2016. 2016: 6016943
Couture C, Zaniolo K, Carrier P, Lake J, Patenaude J, Germain L, Guerin SL. The tissue-engineered human cornea as a model to study expression of matrix metalloproteinases during corneal wound healing. Biomaterials,  2016. 78: 86-101
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