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Holly Witteman

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Principal area
Populations health and optimal health practices
Hôpital Saint-François-d'Assise
10, rue de l'Espinay, D6-704
Québec (Québec)

+1 418-525-4444, poste 52694

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MacDougall DM, Langley JM, Li L, Ye L, MacKinnon-Cameron D, Top KA, McNeil SA, Halperin BA, Swain A, Bettinger JA, Dube E, De Serres G, Halperin SA, Canadian Immunization Research Network. Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors of university students, faculty, and staff during a meningococcal serogroup B outbreak vaccination program. Vaccine,  2017. 35: 2520-2530
Witteman HO. More Rigorous Study Needed Before Claiming No Harm of Blood Glucose Test Strip Limits for Patients Using Insulin. JAMA internal medicine,  2017. 177: 890
Witteman HO, Presseau J, Nicholas Angl E, Jokhio I, Schwalm JD, Grimshaw JM, Bosiak B, Natarajan MK, Ivers NM. Negotiating Tensions Between Theory and Design in the Development of Mailings for People Recovering From Acute Coronary Syndrome. JMIR human factors,  2017. Epub
Lawani MA, Valera B, Fortier-Brochu E, Legare F, Carmichael PH, Cote L, Voyer P, Kroger E, Witteman H, Rodriguez C, Giguere AM. Five shared decision-making tools in 5 months: use of rapid reviews to develop decision boxes for seniors living with dementia and their caregivers. Systematic reviews,  2017. Epub
Philpott SE, Witteman HO, Jones KM, Sonderman DS, Julien AS, Politi MC. Clinical trainees' responses to parents who question evidence-based recommendations. Patient education and counseling,  2017. 100: 1701-1708
Legare F, Stacey D, Forest PG, Coutu MF, Archambault P, Boland L, Witteman HO, LeBlanc A, Lewis KB, Giguere AMC. Milestones, barriers and beacons: Shared decision making in Canada inches ahead. German Journal for Evidence and Quality in Health Care,  2017. 123-124: 23-27
Dugas M, Trottier ME, Chipenda Dansokho S, Vaisson G, Provencher T, Colquhoun H, Dogba MJ, Dupere S, Fagerlin A, Giguere AM, Haslett L, Hoffman AS, Ivers NM, Legare F, Legare J, Levin CA, Menear M, Renaud JS, Stacey D, Volk RJ, Witteman HO. Involving members of vulnerable populations in the development of patient decision aids: a mixed methods sequential explanatory study. BMC medical informatics and decision making,  2017. Epub
Zikmund-Fisher BJ, Scherer AM, Witteman HO, Solomon JB, Exe NL, Tarini BA, Fagerlin A. Graphics help patients distinguish between urgent and non-urgent deviations in laboratory test results. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA,  2017. 24: 520-528
Ivers NM, Desveaux L, Presseau J, Reis C, Witteman HO, Taljaard MK, McCleary N, Thavorn K, Grimshaw JM. Testing feedback message framing and comparators to address prescribing of high-risk medications in nursing homes: protocol for a pragmatic, factorial, cluster-randomized trial. Implementation science : IS,  2017. Epub
Ivers N, Schwalm JD, Witteman HO, Presseau J, Taljaard M, McCready T, Bosiak B, Cunningham J, Smarz S, Desveaux L, Tu JV, Atzema C, Oakes G, Isaranuwatchai W, Grace SL, Bhatia RS, Natarajan M, Grimshaw JM. Interventions Supporting Long-term Adherence aNd Decreasing cardiovascular events (ISLAND): Pragmatic randomized trial protocol. American heart journal,  2017. 190: 64-75
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