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Roxane Pouliot

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Principal area
Regenerative medecine
Hôpital de l'Enfant-Jésus
1401, 18e Rue, Local: R207, CMDGT / LOEX
Québec (Québec)

+1 418-990-8255, poste 61706

Dr. Pouliot is professor at the Faculty of pharmacy, Laval University and researcher at the Laboratoire d’organogénèse expérimentale of the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec.

Field of Research
  • Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medecine
Research Themes
  • In vitro biological applications of tissue-engineered (TE) substitutes : (physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, toxicology, transplantation) and pre-clinical applications.
Intérêts de recherche
  • Compare cell proliferation / differentiation in skin models derived from normal cells with those derived from involved and uninvolved psoriatic cells, with the aim of developing a robust in vitro model of psoriasis that could be used as a valuable tool in basic research and drug discovery.
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Recent publications (see all publication from this researcher)

Angers L, Dubois-Declercq S, Masson LC, Roy B, Jean J, Morin A, Pouliot R. Effects of Freezing on Functionality and Physicochemical Properties of A 3D-Human Skin Model Journal Dermatology & Cosmetology : JDC,  2017. 1: 00007
Chabaud S, Simard M, Gendreau I, Pouliot R, Bolduc S. Origin of Serum Affects Quality of Engineered Tissues Produced by the Self-Assembly Approach. Scientifica,  2016. 2016: 3825645
Duque-Fernandez A, Gauthier L, Simard M, Jean J, Gendreau I, Morin A, Soucy J, Auger M, Pouliot R. A 3D-psoriatic skin model for dermatological testing: The impact of culture conditions. Biochemistry and biophysics reports,  2016. 8: 268-276
Pouliot-Berube C, Zaniolo K, Guerin SL, Pouliot R. Tissue-engineered human psoriatic skin supplemented with cytokines as an in vitro model to study plaque psoriasis. Regenerative medicine,  2016. 11: 545-57
Pare B, Deschenes LT, Pouliot R, Dupre N, Gros-Louis F. An Optimized Approach to Recover Secreted Proteins from Fibroblast Conditioned-Media for Secretomic Analysis. Frontiers in cellular neuroscience,  2016. 10: 70
Ayata RE, Chabaud S, Auger M, Pouliot R. Behaviour of endothelial cells in a tridimensional in vitro environment. BioMed research international,  2015. 2015: 630461
Leroy M, Lefevre T, Pouliot R, Auger M, Laroche G. Using infrared and Raman microspectroscopies to compare ex vivo involved psoriatic skin with normal human skin. Journal of biomedical optics,  2015. 20: 067004
Jean J, Leroy M, Duque-Fernandez A, Bernard G, Soucy J, Pouliot R. Characterization of a psoriatic skin model produced with involved or uninvolved cells. Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine,  2015. 9: 789-98
Ayata RE, Bouhout S, Auger M, Pouliot R. Study of in vitro capillary-like structures in psoriatic skin substitutes. BioResearch open access,  2014. 3: 197-205
Garcia-Perez ME, Allaeys I, Rusu D, Pouliot R, Janezic TS, Poubelle PE. Picea mariana polyphenolic extract inhibits phlogogenic mediators produced by TNF-alpha-activated psoriatic keratinocytes: Impact on NF-kappaB pathway. Journal of ethnopharmacology,  2014. 151: 265-78
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