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Véronique Moulin

Doctorat d’Université en biologie, physico-chimie et pharmacologie moléculaire (Paris, France, 1989-1993)

Postdoctorat en génie tissulaire (laboratoire de Lucie Germain, LOEX, Université Laval, 1993-1998)

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Principal area
Regenerative medecine
Hôpital de l'Enfant-Jésus
1401, 18e Rue, Local R-225
Québec (Québec)

+1 418-990-8255, poste 61715
+1 418-990-8251

Recent publications (see all publication from this researcher)

Merjaneh M, Langlois A, Larochelle S, Cloutier CB, Ricard-Blum S, Moulin VJ. Pro-angiogenic capacities of microvesicles produced by skin wound myofibroblasts. Angiogenesis,  2017. 20: 385-398
Beaudoin Cloutier C, Goyer B, Perron C, Guignard R, Larouche D, Moulin VJ, Germain L, Gauvin R, Auger FA. In Vivo Evaluation and Imaging of a Bilayered Self-Assembled Skin Substitute Using a Decellularized Dermal Matrix Grafted on Mice. Tissue engineering. Part A,  2017. 23: 313-322
Laberge A, Moulin VJ. The role of microvesicles in cutaneous wound healing Stem cell biology and regenerative medicine,  2017.  
Vargas A, Peltier A, Dube J, Lefebvre-Lavoie J, Moulin V, Goulet F, Lavoie JP. Evaluation of contractile phenotype in airway smooth muscle cells isolated from endobronchial biopsy and tissue specimens from horses. American journal of veterinary research,  2017. 78: 359-370
Moulin VJ. The role of myofibroblasts in normal skin wound healing In: Martinez A, ed.  Myofibroblasts : origin, function and role in disease New York, NY: Nova Biomedical, 2016. p..
Larouche D, Cantin-Warren L, Desgagne M, Guignard R, Martel I, Ayoub A, Lavoie A, Gauvin R, Auger FA, Moulin VJ, Germain L. Improved Methods to Produce Tissue-Engineered Skin Substitutes Suitable for the Permanent Closure of Full-Thickness Skin Injuries. BioResearch open access,  2016. 5: 320-329
Beaudoin Cloutier C, Guignard R, Bernard G, Gauvin R, Larouche D, Lavoie A, Lacroix D, Moulin VJ, Germain L, Auger FA. Production of a Bilayered Self-Assembled Skin Substitute Using a Tissue-Engineered Acellular Dermal Matrix. Tissue engineering. Part C, Methods,  2015. 21: 1297-305
Gibot L, Chabaud S, Bouhout S, Bolduc S, Auger FA, Moulin VJ. Anticancer properties of chitosan on human melanoma are cell line dependent. International journal of biological macromolecules,  2015. 72: 370-9
Morissette Martin P, Maux A, Laterreur V, Mayrand D, Gagne VL, Moulin VJ, Fradette J. Enhancing repair of full-thickness excisional wounds in a murine model: Impact of tissue-engineered biological dressings featuring human differentiated adipocytes. Acta biomaterialia,  2015. 22: 39-49
Ayoub A, Pereira JM, Rioux LE, Turgeon SL, Beaulieu M, Moulin VJ. Role of seaweed laminaran from Saccharina longicruris on matrix deposition during dermal tissue-engineered production. International journal of biological macromolecules,  2015. 75: 13-20
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