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Populations health and optimal health practices

Michel Alary
Deputy director
Alexis Turgeon
2875, boulevard Laurier, Édifice Delta II, 6e étage, bureau 600
Québec (Québec)
+1 418-525-4444, extension 46518
+1 418-654-2726

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Gagnon J, Gagnon MP, Buteau RA, Azizah GM, Jette S, Lampron A, Simonyan D, Asua J, Reviriego E. Adaptation and Evaluation of Online Self-learning Modules to Teach Critical Appraisal and Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing: An International Collaboration. Computers, informatics, nursing : CIN ,  2015. Epub
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Giguere K, Alary M. Targeting core groups for gonorrhoea control: feasibility and impact. Sexually transmitted infections,  2015. Epub
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English SW, Chasse M, Turgeon AF, Tinmouth A, Boutin A, Pagliarello G, Fergusson D, McIntyre L. Red blood cell transfusion and mortality effect in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol. Systematic reviews,  2015. 4: 41
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