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Demers S, Roberge S, Bujold E. Re: Impact of aspirin on trophoblastic invasion in women with abnormal uterine artery Doppler at 11-14 weeks. Ultrasound in obstetrics & gynecology : the official journal of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology,  2017. 49: 664-665
Gasse C, Boutin A, Cote M, Chaillet N, Bujold E, Demers S. First-trimester mean arterial blood pressure and the risk of preeclampsia: The Great Obstetrical Syndromes (GOS) study. Pregnancy hypertension,  2017. Epub
Roberge S, Bujold E, Nicolaides KH. Aspirin for the prevention of preterm and term preeclampsia: Systematic review and meta-analysis. American journal of obstetrics and gynecology,  2017. Epub
Sallon C, Soulet D, Tremblay Y. [Morphometry of pulmonary tissue: From manual to high throughput automation]. Revue des maladies respiratoires,  2017. Epub
D'Amours O, Frenette G, Bourassa S, Calvo E, Blondin P, Sullivan R. Proteomic Markers of Functional Sperm Population in Bovines: Comparison of Low- and High-Density Spermatozoa Following Cryopreservation. Journal of proteome research,  2017. Epub
Reutrakul S, Anothaisintawee T, Herring SJ, Balserak BI, Marc I, Thakkinstian A. Short sleep duration and hyperglycemia in pregnancy: Aggregate and individual patient data meta-analysis. Sleep medicine reviews,  2017. Epub
Demers S, Roberge S. Re: Risk of Cesarean scar defect following single- vs double-layer uterine closure. Ultrasound in obstetrics & gynecology : the official journal of the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology,  2017. 50: 667
Kahn JM, Cole PD, Blonquist TM, Stevenson K, Jin Z, Barrera S, Davila R, Roberts E, Neuberg DS, Athale UH, Clavell LA, Laverdiere C, Leclerc JM, Michon B, Schorin MA, Welch JJG, Sallan SE, Silverman LB, Kelly KM. An investigation of toxicities and survival in Hispanic children and adolescents with ALL: Results from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute ALL Consortium protocol 05-001. Pediatric blood & cancer,  2017. Epub
Badeau M, Lindsay C, Blais J, Nshimyumukiza L, Takwoingi Y, Langlois S, Legare F, Giguere Y, Turgeon AF, Witteman W, Rousseau F. Genomics-based non-invasive prenatal testing for detection of fetal chromosomal aneuploidy in pregnant women. Cochrane database of systematic reviews (Online),  2017. Epub
Langlois S, Johnson J, Audibert F, Gekas J, Forest JC, Caron A, Harrington K, Pastuck M, Meddour H, Tetu A, Little J, Rousseau F. Comparison of first tier cell-free DNA screening for common aneuploidies with conventional publically funded screening. Prenatal diagnosis,  2017. Epub
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