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Jacono B, Cable-Williams B, Foster C, Mitchell MG, Lavoie M, Richardson HRL, Jewrs H, Young L. Principes et pratiques des soins infirmiers palliatifs et compétences en soins palliatifs à l'intention du personnel infirmier au Canada Ottawa, ON: Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing / Association canadienne des écoles de sciences infirmières, . 23 pages.
Lawson KA, Saarela O, Liu Z, Lavallee LT, Breau RH, Wood L, Jewett MAS, Kapoor A, Tanguay S, Moore RB, Rendon R, Pouliot F, Black PC, Kawakami J, Drachenberg D, Finelli A. Benchmarking quality for renal cancer surgery: Canadian Kidney Cancer information system (CKCis) perspective. Canadian Urological Association journal = Journal de l’Association des urologues du Canada.,  2017. 11: 232-237
Gonthier C, Pelletier S, Gagnon P, Marin A, Chiquette J, Gagnon B, Roy L, Cleophat JE, Joly Y, Dorval M. Issues related to family history of cancer at the end of life: a palliative care providers' survey. Familial cancer,  2017. Epub
Collins-Fekete CA, Brousmiche S, Hansen DC, Beaulieu L, Seco J. Pre-treatment patient-specific stopping power by combining list-mode proton radiography and x-ray CT. Physics in medicine and biology,  2017. Epub
Boudaoud I, Fournier E, Baguette A, Vallee M, Lamaze FC, Droit A, Bilodeau S. Connected Gene Communities Underlie Transcriptional Changes in Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. Genetics,  2017. Epub
Aubin M, Vezina L, Verreault R, Simard S, Desbiens JF, Tremblay L, Dumont S, Fillion L, Dogba MJ, Gagnon P. Effectiveness of an intervention to improve supportive care for family caregivers of patients with lung cancer: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials,  2017. Epub
Bowerman M, Salsac C, Bernard V, Soulard C, Dionne A, Coque E, Benlefki S, Hince P, Dion PA, Butler-Browne G, Camu W, Bouchard JP, Delpire E, Rouleau GA, Raoul C, Scamps F. KCC3 loss-of-function contributes to Andermann syndrome by inducing activity-dependent neuromuscular junction defects. Neurobiology of disease,  2017. Epub
Choi J, Huebner AJ, Clement K, Walsh RM, Savol A, Lin K, Gu H, Di Stefano B, Brumbaugh J, Kim SY, Sharif J, Rose CM, Mohammad A, Odajima J, Charron J, Shioda T, Gnirke A, Gygi S, Koseki H, Sadreyev RI, Xiao A, Meissner A, Hochedlinger K. Prolonged Mek1/2 suppression impairs the developmental potential of embryonic stem cells. Nature,  2017. Epub
Fakhry C, Zhang Q, Nguyen-Tan PF, Rosenthal DI, Weber RS, Lambert L, Trotti AM 3rd, Barrett WL, Thorstad WL, Jones CU, Yom SS, Wong SJ, Ridge JA, Rao SSD, Bonner JA, Vigneault E, Raben D, Kudrimoti MR, Harris J, Le QT, Gillison ML. Development and Validation of Nomograms Predictive of Overall and Progression-Free Survival in Patients With Oropharyngeal Cancer. Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology,  2017. Epub
Gewandter JS, Freeman R, Kitt RA, Cavaletti G, Gauthier LR, McDermott MP, Mohile NA, Mohlie SG, Smith AG, Tejani MA, Turk DC, Dworkin RH. Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy clinical trials: Review and recommendations. Neurology,  2017. Epub
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