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Tuesday 27 Jan

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Hammami R, Bedard F, Gomaa A, Subirade M, Biron E, Fliss I. Lasso-inspired peptides with distinct antibacterial mechanisms. Amino acids,  2014. Epub
Le Luyer J, Deschamps MH, Proulx E, Poirier Stewart N, Joly Beauparlant C, Droit A, Robert C, Vandenberg GW. Establishment of a comprehensive reference transcriptome for vertebral bone tissue to study the impacts of nutritional phosphorus deficiency in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, Walbaum). Marine genomics,  2014. Epub
Primary Panel:, Genest J, Hegele RA, Bergeron J, Brophy J, Carpentier A, Couture P, Davignon J, Dufour R, Frohlich J, Gaudet D, Gupta M, Krisnamoorthy P, Mancini J, McCrindle B, Raggi P, Ruel I, St-Pierre J. Canadian Cardiovascular Society Position Statement on Familial Hypercholesterolemia. The Canadian journal of cardiology,  2014. 30: 1471-81
Vigneault J, Lemieux S, Garneau V, Weisnagel SJ, Tchernof A, Robitaille J. Association between metabolic deteriorations and prior gestational diabetes according to weight status. Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.),  2014. Epub
Laverdiere I, Flageole C, Audet-Walsh E, Caron P, Fradet Y, Lacombe L, Levesque E, Guillemette C. The UGT1 locus is a determinant of prostate cancer recurrence after prostatectomy. Endocrine-related cancer,  2014. Epub
Fortier C, Mac-Way F, Desmeules S, Marquis K, De Serres SA, Lebel M, Boutouyrie P, Agharazii M. Aortic-Brachial Stiffness Mismatch and Mortality in Dialysis Population. Hypertension,  2014. Epub
Michaud A, Lacroix-Pepin N, Pelletier M, Daris M, Biertho L, Fortier MA, Tchernof A. Expression of genes related to prostaglandin synthesis or signaling in human subcutaneous and omental adipose tissue: depot differences and modulation by adipogenesis. Mediators of inflammation,  2014. 2014: 451620
Tchernof A, Mansour MF, Pelletier M, Boulet MM, Nadeau M, Luu-The V. Updated survey of the steroid-converting enzymes in human adipose tissues. The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology,  2014. Epub
Gottlieb DJ, Hek K, Chen TH, Watson NF, Eiriksdottir G, Byrne EM, Cornelis M, Warby SC, Bandinelli S, Cherkas L, Evans DS, Grabe HJ, Lahti J, Li M, Lehtimaki T, Lumley T, Marciante KD, Perusse L, Psaty BM, Robbins J, Tranah GJ, Vink JM, Wilk JB, Stafford JM, Bellis C, Biffar R, Bouchard C, Cade B, Curhan GC, Eriksson JG, Ewert R, Ferrucci L, Fulop T, Gehrman PR, Goodloe R, Harris TB, Heath AC, Hernandez D, Hofman A, Hottenga JJ, Hunter DJ, Jensen MK, Johnson AD, Kahonen M, Kao L, Kraft P, Larkin EK, Lauderdale DS, Luik AI, Medici M, Montgomery GW, Palotie A, Patel SR, Pistis G, Porcu E, Quaye L, Raitakari O, Redline S, Rimm EB, Rotter JI, Smith AV, Spector TD, Teumer A, Uitterlinden AG, Vohl MC, Widen E, Willemsen G, Young T, Zhang X, Liu Y, Blangero J, Boomsma DI, Gudnason V, Hu F, Mangino M, Martin NG, O'Connor GT, Stone KL, Tanaka T, Viikari J, Gharib SA, Punjabi NM, Raikkonen K, Volzke H, Mignot E, Tiemeier H. Novel loci associated with usual sleep duration: the CHARGE Consortium Genome-Wide Association Study. Molecular psychiatry,  2014. Epub
Laverdiere I, Guillemette C, Tamouza R, Loiseau P, Peffault de Latour R, Robin M, Couture F, Filion A, Lalancette M, Tourancheau A, Charron D, Socie G, Levesque E. Cyclosporin and methotrexate-related pharmacogenomics predictors of acute graft-vs-host disease. Haematologica,  2014. Epub
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