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El Khoury NB, Gratuze M, Petry F, Papon MA, Julien C, Marcouiller F, Morin F, Nicholls SB, Calon F, Hebert SS, Marette A, Planel E. Hypothermia mediates age-dependent increase of tau phosphorylation in db/db mice. Neurobiology of disease,  2016. Epub
Guay-Belanger S, Simonyan D, Bureau A, Gagnon E, Albert C, Morissette J, Siris ES, Orcel P, Brown JP, Michou L. Development of a molecular test of Paget's disease of bone. Bone,  2016. Epub
Shum M, Bellmann K, St-Pierre P, Marette A. Pharmacological inhibition of S6K1 increases glucose metabolism and Akt signalling in vitro and in diet-induced obese mice. Diabetologia,  2016. Epub
Stephen P, Lin SX, Giege R. Interplay between Catalysts and Substrates for Activity of Class Ib Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases and Implications for Pharmacology. Current topics in medicinal chemistry,  2016. 16: 616-33
Jobin S, Vezina-Dawod S, Herby C, Derson A, Biron E. Preparation of N-Substituted N-Arylsulfonylglycines and Their Use in Peptoid Synthesis. Organic letters,  2015. 17: 5626-9
Jean M, Gera L, Charest-Morin X, Marceau F, Bachelard H. In Vivo Effects of Bradykinin B2 Receptor Agonists with Varying Susceptibility to Peptidases. Frontiers in pharmacology,  2015. 6: 306
Garneau AP, Riopel J, Isenring P. Acute Methotrexate-Induced Crystal Nephropathy. The New England journal of medicine,  2015. 373: 2691-3
Maltais R, Trottier A, Delhomme A, Barbeau X, Lague P, Poirier D. Identification of fused 16beta,17beta-oxazinone-estradiol derivatives as a new family of non-estrogenic 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 inhibitors. European journal of medicinal chemistry,  2015. 93: 470-80
Talbot A, Maltais R, Kenmogne LC, Roy J, Poirier D. Solid-phase synthesis of libraries of ethynylated aminosteroid derivatives as potential antileukemic agents. Steroids,  2015. Epub
Vallin P, Desy O, Beland S, Wagner E, De Serres SA. Clinical relevance of circulating antibodies and B lymphocyte markers in allograft rejection. Clinical biochemistry,  2015. Epub
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