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Drouin-Chartier JP, Gigleux I, Tremblay AJ, Poirier L, Lamarche B, Couture P. Impact of dairy consumption on essential hypertension: a clinical study. Nutrition journal,  2014. Epub
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Labonte ME, Dewailly E, Lucas M, Couture P, Lamarche B. Association of red blood cell n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids with plasma inflammatory biomarkers among the Quebec Cree population. European journal of clinical nutrition,  2014. Epub
Vandal M, White PJ, Tremblay C, St-Amour I, Chevrier G, Emond V, Lefrancois D, Virgili J, Planel E, Giguere Y, Marette A, Calon F. Insulin Reverses the High-Fat Diet-Induced Increase in Brain Abeta and Improves Memory in an Animal Model of Alzheimer Disease. Diabetes,  2014. Epub
Rezvani R, Gupta A, Smith J, Poursharifi P, Marceau P, Perusse L, Bouchard C, Tchernof A, Cianflone K. Cross-sectional associations of acylation stimulating protein (ASP) and adipose tissue gene expression with estradiol and progesterone in pre- and postmenopausal women. Clinical endocrinology,  2014. Epub
Cormier H, Vigneault J, Garneau V, Tchernof A, Vohl MC, Weisnagel S, Robitaille J. An explained variance-based genetic risk score associated with gestational diabetes antecedent and with progression to pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes: a cohort study. BJOG : an international journal of obstetrics and gynaecology,  2014. Epub
Richard C, Couture P, Desroches S, Nehme B, Bourassa S, Droit A, Lamarche B. Effect of an isoenergetic traditional mediterranean diet on the high-density lipoprotein proteome in men with the metabolic syndrome. Journal of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics,  2014. 7: 48-60
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