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Da Silva MS, Bilodeau JF, Julien P, Rudkowska I. Dietary Fats and F2-isoprostanes: A Review of the Clinical EvidenceCritical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. Critical reviews in food science and nutrition,  2016. Epub
Da Silva MS, Rudkowska I. Novel functional foods for optimal oxidative status in healthy ageing. Maturitas,  2016. Epub
Cornu JN, Audet-Walsh E, Drouin S, Bigot P, Valeri A, Fournier G, Azzouzi AR, Roupret M, Cormier L, Chanock S, Guillemette C, Cussenot O, Levesque E, Cancel-Tassin G. Correlation between prostate volume and single nucleotide polymorphisms implicated in the steroid pathway. World journal of urology,  2016. Epub
Bouchard-Mercier A, Desroches S, Robitaille J, Vohl MC. Factors Associated with the Intention of Registered Dietitians to Discuss Nutrigenetics with their Patients/Clients. Canadian journal of dietetic practice and research : a publication of Dietitians of Canada = Revue canadienne de la pratique et de la recherche en dietetique : une publication des Dietetistes du Canada,  2016. Epub
Cote JA, Nazare JA, Nadeau M, Leboeuf M, Blackburn L, Despres JP, Tchernof A. Computed tomography-measured adipose tissue attenuation and area both predict adipocyte size and cardiometabolic risk in women. Adipocyte,  2016. 5: 35-42
Laurens C, Badin PM, Louche K, Mairal A, Tavernier G, Marette A, Tremblay A, Weisnagel SJ, Joanisse DR, Langin D, Bourlier V, Moro C. G0/G1 Switch Gene 2 controls adipose triglyceride lipase activity and lipid metabolism in skeletal muscle. Molecular metabolism,  2016. 5: 527-37
Goupil R, Dupuis D, Agharazii M, Hamet P, Troyanov S, Madore F. Central blood pressures in early chronic kidney disease: an analysis of CARTaGENE. Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation : official publication of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association - European Renal Association ,  2016. Epub
Bisson M, Pronovost E, St-Onge O, Robitaille J, Marc I. Maternal Physical Activity During Pregnancy: Association With The Newborn's Bone Health: 2314 June 2, 4: 30 PM - 4: 45 PM. Medicine and science in sports and exercise,  2016. 48: 645
Drouin-Chartier JP, Tremblay AJ, Lemelin V, Lepine MC, Lamarche B, Couture P. Ezetimibe increases intestinal expression of the LDL receptor gene in dyslipidemic men with insulin resistance. Diabetes, obesity & metabolism ,  2016. Epub
Desgagne V, Guay SP, Guerin R, Corbin F, Couture P, Lamarche B, Bouchard L. Variations in HDL-carried miR-223 and miR-135a concentrations after consumption of dietary trans fat are associated with changes in blood lipid and inflammatory markers in healthy men - an exploratory study. Epigenetics : official journal of the DNA Methylation Society,  2016. 11: 438-48
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