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Lafrenière J, Lamarche B, Laramée C, Robitaille J, Lemieux S. Validation of a newly automated web-based 24-hour dietary recall using fully controlled feeding studies BMC nutrition,  2017. 3: 
Dubois L, Diasparra M, Bedard B, Colapinto CK, Fontaine-Bisson B, Morisset AS, Tremblay RE, Fraser WD. Adequacy of nutritional intake from food and supplements in a cohort of pregnant women in Quebec, Canada: the 3D Cohort Study (Design, Develop, Discover). The American journal of clinical nutrition,  2017. Epub
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Poulin A, Bellemare PL, Fortier C, Mac-Way F, Desmeules S, Marquis K, Gaudreault V, Lebel M, Agharazii M. Acute effects of cinacalcet on arterial stiffness and ventricular function in hemodialysis patients: A randomized double-blinded crossover study. Medicine,  2017. 96: e6912
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