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Multidisciplinary Tissue Engineering Center

The CMGT is a scientific research laboratory in regenerative medicine whose goal is cellular and tissue research enabling human organ culture for therapeutic transplant needs. 

Within the laboratory’s total 2,500 sq. meter surface (net), you will find all the installations needed to perform the work autonomously: 185 sq. meter clean room suite with three class B culture suites and ISO 8 preparation rooms; eight human tissue culture research laboratories, one animal tissue culture research laboratory, one laboratory for transfected tissue culture research, one histology laboratory, biochemistry and molecular biology laboratories, a surgery room, a room for the manipulation of irradiated cells, two cold rooms and one 37°C room as well as two washing rooms with autoclave and water purifier.

Specialized equipment: Primary cell culture systems, confocal microscope, microscopic time lapse, fluorescent microscope, lyophilisator, flow cytometer (FACScan), cell counter with diameter measure (Coulter), -180, -70 and -20°C freezers, Franz cells (percutaneous absorption), radioactivity counter (Geiger), Typhoon imagery station, 2D gel production station, blood vessel vasoconstriction assessment system, machines that measure tissue’s mechanical properties (traction…).


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