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Professionnel de recherche (C Schneider's lab)

Research project

Dr. Schneider's Neurostimulation and Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory at CHUL is currently conducting and developing several research projects involving various neurological or musculoskeletal populations. The projects aim at understanding the adaptation processing of the brain in each case and to test the after-effects of neurostimulation as a new therapeutic approach. All projects (stroke, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain such as low back pain or CRPS, neurodegenerative disease, cerebral palsy, etc.) are done in collaboration with health professionals. Project outcome measures (pre- and post- intervention) are as much neurophysiological (brain plasticity) as clinical (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, neuropsychology, etc.).

Job description

- Assist Dr. Schneider in the operation and development of the CHUL neurostimulation and clinical neuroscience laboratory
- Coordinate and participate in the various stages of the research projects (e.g., ethical files, recruitment and management of participants, administration of experimental protocols, data collection / analysis and interpretation, etc.)
- Ensure the continuous updating of all softwares in the lab
- Ensure the synchronization of the different equipments
- Ensure the lab readiness before each experiment
- Allow the setting up of an intra-laboratory computer network
- Review the literature of each project under development and continuously update the literature of each project in progress
- Assist students in collecting their experimental data
- Assist Dr. Schneider in the organization of grant application submissions
- Ensure the maintenance and repair of laboratory equipment
- Coordinate the activities of the research team

- Management of Dr. Schneider's laboratory and team
- Coordination of research projects' activities
- Conduction of experiments
- Management of software updating and electrical engineering
- Management of consumables (pharmaceutics) and small equipment
- Management of lab standing and equipment functioning

Skills needed

- Minimum = research master's degree
- Excellent written French (syntax, grammar and spelling)
- English proficiency
- Empathy and humanism (link with patients)
- Knowledge on nervous system and methods
- Pay attention to work attendance, rigor, thoroughness
- Easy to work in team (team spirit) and alone (autonomy)
- Honesty and sense of respect


- Bilingualism French / English
- Knowledge of laboratory techniques
- Knowledge in bioinformatics and electrical engineering
- Knowledge in biostatistics
- Clinical training or Clinical Research Training
Offer number
Publishing date
04/12/2017 08:28
15/12/2017 17:00
Type of job
Professionnel de recherche
Main researcher
Cyril Schneider
Work week
Monday to Friday, 35h, hours related to lab activities
12 months with possibility of renewal
Minimal level
Maximum level
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