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Wednesday 22 Nov

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Master student - functional proteomics

Research project

The long-term objective of our research program is to gain a mechanistic understanding of transcription and the impact of cellular context on it. More precisely, we have previously studied proteins containing bromodomain, key epigenetic regulators essential to the transcription process (see Filippakopoulos et al. Cell 2012; Picaud et al Sci. Adv 2016; Savitsky et al. Cell Rep 2016 for some of our past efforts). Toward this end, we have developed numerous innovative tools to facilitate the study of protein complexes at the level of chromatin (Lambert et al. J. Proteomics 2014; Lambert et al. J. Proteomics 2015) in addition to their quantitative analysis using mass spectrometry (Lambert et al. Nat Methods 2013; Wang et al Nat Methods 2015).

To continue these studies, the selected candidate will employ cellular models of cancer and in vitro approaches to characterize the roles of epigenetics regulators in specific cellular contexts. As part of his/her studies, the candidate will acquire a strong expertise in the use of proteomic tools in addition to an in-depth understanding of chromatin biology. Furthermore, the candidate will gain experiences in biochemical (affinity purification, enzyme assays, etc.) as well as in cellular and molecular biology (cell culture, confocal microscopy, etc.) techniques.

Job description

The student will contribute to one or more projects involving proteomics and its use for the study of epigenetics regulators. This work will be performed at the research center of the CHU de Québec (CHUL).

More precisely, the student will:
- Participate to one or more research projects combining the use of proteomics tools with cellular and molecular biology. The student may be involved in developing novel approaches as part of his studies and will be in charge of the analysis of data generated as part of these efforts.
- Participate to the writing and editing of scientific manuscripts in addition to the dissemination of his/her results in national and international conferences.

Skills needed

We are searching for a student who recently completed his/her bachelor’s degree in life science (genetic, biochemistry, molecular biology, etc.), is dynamic and motivated by scientific research.

To apply, the candidate must provide a cover letter, a CV (containing a recent academic transcript) and contact information for references from his/her former superior(s) to:

Financial support will be provided.

Please note that only selected applicants will be contacted.


Previous experience in cell culture, cellular and molecular biology, or proteomic is an asset.
Offer number
Publishing date
20/07/2017 12:00
31/12/2017 17:00
Type of job
Étudiant maîtrise
Main researcher
Jean-Philippe Lambert
Endocrinology and nephrology
24 months
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