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Wednesday 22 Nov

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Graduate student in neurogenomics - Master's/Ph.D.

Research project

Numerous studies suggest that dysregulations within the immune system during brain development might contribute to the emergence of autism spectrum disorders. However, the precise molecular mechanisms underlying these dysregulations remain not well characterized to this day.

how the immune system participates to the development of the brain and preservation of its homeostasis. To achieve this, we study the development of the mouse brain using concepts in epigenetics (gene regulation), cell biology, and physiology.

We are seeking a trainee interested to join our team to perform an array of experiments with the ultimate goal to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms implicated in gene expression in microglia during brain development. This research program, unique in Canada, will led to a better understanding of the role of the immune system to brain development and will enhance our comprehension of the etiology underlying autism spectrum disorders.

Job description

Specifically, the trainee will investigate how disruptions in various signaling pathways in microglia during brain development in mice interfere with 1) epigenomic / transcriptional mechanisms underlying gene expression in microglia and 2) the cellular functions of microglia. The research program will also seek to determine the physiological consequences of these disruptions on neuronal development and the cognitive function of the brain (behavioral analyses).

In terms of technical skills, the trainee will acquire expertise with all the different aspects involved with numerous techniques in next-generation sequencing, including RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, and ATAC-seq (see Gosselin et al., Cell, 2014; Gosselin et al., Science 2017). The trainee will also develop expertise with microscopy, behavioral analyses, data presentation, and manuscript preparation. Finally, the project will enable the trainee to acquire robust expertise with concepts relevant to the biology of the brain and the immune system, along with principles of epigenomics and transcriptomics.

Overall, it is expected that upon successful completion of this this multi-dimensional research project, the trainee will be prepared to either pursue successfully a Ph.D. or to perform advantageously in a competitive knowledge-based job market.

Skills needed

We are seeking dynamic and motivated candidates whom also display leadership skill, strong curiosity and enjoy working in a team environment. The candidate will have to possess at least a bachelor’s degree in sciences by the time she/he starts the project.
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Publishing date
12/07/2017 10:07
11/07/2018 17:00
Type of job
Étudiant maîtrise
Main researcher
David Gosselin
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