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Human Resources

The CRCHU de Québec counts approximately 450 researchers assisted by research professionals, technicians, managers and over 900 graduate students in the Master’s, Ph.D. and post-graduate programs. It is estimated that approximately 2,500 people contribute to the CRCHU de Québec’s effective functioning.

The Human Resources Department for the research professionals managed by the Corporation des chercheurs et chercheures (CCC) of the CRCHUL, the CRHDQ Association of Research Assistants and the CRHSFA Researcher’s Association will soon be fused under the single management of the Société de gestion du CRCHU de Québec (CHU de Québec Management).



The average budget for the CRCHU de Québec is $85 M. Financing comes in part from FRSQ, CIHR and CFI grants, as well as scholarships, partnerships, sponsorships and contracts.


Technological resources

The CRCHU de Québec has major ultra-modern infrastructures:

The Québec Genomics and Infectiology Centre opened in April of 2013. Its cutting edge equipment gives access to the most recent technological discoveries for the various research teams. The CRCHU de Québec Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics Platform was developed with the help of CFI grants. The Proteomics section runs over 2,000 analyses per year for more than 125 researchers, and the sequencing and genotyping section serves over 200 researchers with more than 150,000 sequences per year. The MicroChip section has analyzed over 10,000 RNA samples from more than 75 genomics projects. In addition to having contributed to the training of numerous graduate students and postgraduate interns, the results from the use of these platforms have been published in more than 300 scientific articles. Grouping this equipment and personnel in our new Genomics Centre will greatly enhance our offer of service and the launching of new projects in all the Centre’s areas of activity.

Le Centre de recherche clinique et évaluative en oncologie (CRCEO) – Clinical an Evaluative Research Clinic in Oncology is an innovative concept that houses under the same roof clinical research activities, basic research activities, evaluative research and cancer patient treatment, thus symbolizing a new era in the approach toward clinical care at the CHU de Québec. When fully functional, we estimate that the different clinics will perform over 50,000 annual consultations, opening the doors to intense clinical activities and making this centre an exceptional research environment for Québec and Canada.

Le centre multidisciplinaire de développement du génie tissulaire (CMDGT/LOEX) The Multidisciplinary Centre for the Development of Tissue Engineering is located at the Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus de Québec site and was inaugurated on January 28th 2010. This Centre occupies a total surface of approximately 4,700 sq. meters on three levels. It houses cutting edge equipment offering specialized resources such as imaging (e.g. confocal spectral, IVIS Lumina), histology, production and analysis of tissue and organs (DNA biochips, qPCR, cytogenetics), to develop basic and clinical tissue engineering and stem cell research.

The Centre is dedicated to the new approaches in regenerative medicine leading to multiple applications such as tissue and organ repair and regeneration, in order to respond to the ever increasing lack of transplant organs. Moreover, the in vitro applications make it possible to offer organ and tissue models to researchers for basic and applied research projects.

The main areas of research are: Skin, blood vessels, ligaments, bronchi, cornea, urological tissue, fatty tissue, neurological sciences, wound healing and psoriasis.

Three cell culture laboratories complying with good manufacturing processes (GMP) that are used exclusively for the production of tissue and organs destined for transplantation into patients for clinical studies (e.g. skin for burn victims, corneal epithelium), are also part of this new centre.

The CMDGT has over 100 staff members and collaborators. The Centre contributes to training numerous postgraduate, graduate students and research interns. This platform was developed thanks to the government of Québec, the CFI as well as many other partners.

Other than the clinical research platform, five other platforms comprised of various high-end technological divisions are also available to the researchers and students of the CRCHU de Québec as well as to other non-affiliated researchers.


  • Genomics Centre
  • Animal models
  • Imaging and Cytometry
  • Analytical and medicinal chemistry
  • Multidisciplinary tissue engineering centre

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