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Message from the Director

The CHU de Québec Research Centre hosts most of the healthcare research professionals affiliated with Laval University. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach, the CHU de Québec Research Center promotes the understanding of complex diseases as well as the development and use of new treatments. The largest French research centre in North America, the CHU de Québec is among the 10 major research centres in Canada according to Research Infosource, a Toronto-based firm that compiles the annual research revenue of 40 Canadian research establishments. Thanks to the excellence of its research teams and cutting edge infrastructures, the CHU de Québec Research Centre enjoys an enviable national and international reputation.

The current and future projects of the CRCHU de Québec evolve within this dynamic and innovative environment, dedicated to improving patient treatments and constantly striving for excellence, while focusing on a variety of innovative approaches to actively participate in improving the population’s health and proudly continuing its mission towards higher quality standards.

Healthcare research has evolved considerably over the last years in order to satisfy government requirements of better development methods by hospital/university research centres and to also satisfy the expectations of the population who wish to see tangible results leading to significant advances in the improvement of treatment, healthcare promotion and quality of life. In the world of research, the hospital centre and researchers are invited to follow the specific care and teaching vocations of their environment and to develop research activities according to the highest standards of excellence. The CRCHU de Québec recently reorganized its main areas of research, aligning its work with the hospital centre’s renowned areas of excellence, while respecting its history, and harmonizing its research program with the CHU de Québec’s clinical vocations.

Our strategic research development plan for 2014-2019, designed according to the results of a wide consultation process and approved by the board of directors perfectly summarizes the Centre’s vision for the future, its objectives and main orientations. With the help of a detailed success plan including performance indicators, this strategic plan draws a clear picture of our vision for development in the research areas that we are renowned for, while reflecting on our structured process towards fulfilling our mission (Plan de développement stratégique 2014-2019).

This website is designed to give you a global vision of our Centre, and I am proud to invite you to visit it and to contact us for more information.

Welcome and enjoy your visit!

Dr. Serge Rivest
Director of the CHU de Québec Research Center

Last modified on 2015-02-06

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