The vision

An integrated approach to cutting-edge technologies that can lead to the discovery, development and optimization of innovations in personalized health care.

The mission

  • To insure the training of future investigators in basic, clinical, and population health research.
  • To stimulate innovation by developing new technologies applicable to the health care system.
  • To accelerate the progress of knowledge in order to translate it into concrete applications aimed at promoting health, improvement of health care and quality of life.
  • To harmonize excellence in basic, clinical and population health research with the other missions of the CHU de Québec-Université Laval.

The values

  • Scientific rigour and integrity
  • The achievement of excellence
  • The sharing of knowledge
  • Respect

Organizational chart


The objectives (directions)

  • To set up an environment conducive to a successful consolidation.
  • To increase the performance and scientific prestige of the research teams.
  • To promote an environment conducive to innovation.
  • To favour the transfer of knowledge towards direct applications aimed at improving health care.
  • To develop new approaches to health research funding.

The major targets to be reached

  • To increase the degree of synergy existing between researchers
  • To improve research quality and originality
  • To increase the number of grants and scholarships obtained from agencies with peer-reviewed committees
  • The advancement of scientific knowledge
  • To insure a critical mass of investigators whose quality and strength is recognized in all themes of research
  • An improvement in the quality of supervision and training
  • The implementation of intramural scientific activities
  • A reinforcement in the degree of collaboration with other groups and health care establishments, and the degree of participation of our researchers in national and international networks
  • An increased degree of collaboration with public or private partners, and especially the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.