Ergonomie en laboratoire pour optimiser ses performances et rĂ©duire les risques d’accident du travail.

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  • ConfĂ©rencier : Melissa Afterman & Meg Honan
  • Provenance : METTLER TOLEDO

The goal of ergonomics is to improve the workplace in terms of workers’ performance and well-being. Shaping the work environment and processes to the worker not only results in better work perfor­mance, but in fewer work-related health problems as well.

Common problems in laboratories include work-related musculoskeletal diseases of the upper limbs and the neck, caused by over­use due to repetitive working tasks, unfavorable working postures and mechanical overload. Eye problems linked to working tasks with high visual demands are also common.

This webinar will give you insights into laboratory ergonomics. You will learn how to improve the workplace in order to reduce ergonomic risks, thus preventing work-related injuries.

Topics covered include:

  • Setting up your workstation
  • Sitting & standing to work at the lab bench
  • Working in bio-safety cabinets
  • Pipetting with serological and micropipettes
  • Using tubes, flasks and the vortex mixer
  • Consequences of exposure to ergonomics risk in the lab
  • Healthy habits to minimize fatigue
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