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  • InvitĂ© par : Audet-Walsh, Étienne
  • ConfĂ©rencier : Lucas GERMAIN. MSc & Camille LAFRONT. PhD (eq. E. Audet-Walsh)
  • Provenance : CRCHUQ-UL
  • Axe(s) de recherche : Endocrinologie et nĂ©phrologie
  • PrĂ©sentĂ© par : le ComitĂ© des Ă©vènements et formation de l'Axe Endo-NĂ©phro !

Regenerative potential of prostate luminal cells revealed by single-cell analysis.

Science. 2020 May 1;368(6490):497-505. doi: 10.1126/science.aay0267.

Wouter R Karthaus & Matan Hofree and coll.


Androgen deprivation is the cornerstone of prostate cancer treatment, resulting in involution of the normal gland to ~90% its original size due to loss of luminal cells. The prostate regenerates when androgen is restored, a process postulated to involve stem cells. Using single cell RNAsequencing, we identify a rare luminal population in the mouse prostate that expresses stem-like genes (Sca1+, Psca+) and a large population of differentiated cells (Nkx3.1+, Pbsn+). In organoids and in mice, both populations contribute equally to prostate regeneration, partly through androgendriven expression of growth factors (Nrg2, Rspo3) by mesenchymal cells acting in a paracrine fashion on luminal cells. Analysis of human prostate tissue revealed similar differentiated and stemlike luminal subpopulations that likewise acquire enhanced regenerative potential after androgen ablation. We propose that prostate regeneration is driven by nearly all persisting luminal cells, not just by rare stem cells.

Retrouvez l’article qui sera discutĂ© par notre duo de prĂ©sentateurs, Lucas Germain et Camille Lafront, Ă  ce lien https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7313621/pdf/nihms-1597849.pdf


Contactez laetitia.coudert@crchudequebec.ulaval.ca pour visualiser la conférence via TEAMS

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